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During the process of working on an order, our company and each of our employees are primarily thinking through the prism of the wishes of the customer. We are ready to offer intelligent solutions that will lay the foundation for your success.

You will be satisfied, because «AREA FOR SUCCESS» is at the level of the best world companies working on the system “from idea to full implementation”.

Thanks to the well-coordinated interaction of teams of professionals in various areas of construction and repair, the execution of even the largest and most complex projects takes us as short as possible. In this case, the quality of the result remains at the highest level.

     Our main areas are:

  1. Trade equipment and office furniture

At our own production we create high quality retail and office furniture. You can safely trust us with the most difficult tasks. For ten years of successful work,  «AREA FOR SUCCESS» has gained the trust of the best retailers.

  1. Design and production of exhibition stands

Design, planning, production and installation of exhibition stands throughout the C.I.S. and Europe. The experimental production of «AREA FOR SUCCESS» allows you to implement the most ambitious and even “bold” solutions of designers. Hundreds of world exhibitions were decorated with stands, which are manufactured and assembled by our professionals.

  1. Construction

We create projects of different formats, from ordinary stores to the largest trading floors  successfully, in the shortest terms, we implement projects in reality. Our 20 years of experience in the repair and construction sector helps to realize unique projects of shops, offices in a few weeks. We also perform various types of repair services, including electrical installation, finishing and construction and installation work.